Best Candy Crush Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Best Candy Crush Tips, Tricks and Cheats


In this gaming age, candy crush has become addiction of all people. It is not surprising that, you have spent nonstop days and nights to crush as much candy as you can. With months of playing this game, we have been able to find out some tips and tricks. These tricks may become helpful to many other crazy candy crushers. So, we want to share what we know with a hope to make this game more fun and interesting.

1.      Find the patterns!


Well, you have to remember all the special patterns which will lead you to special candy. Knowing this can absolutely help you to increase the speed of going next level.  Sometimes you can get it without your hard brain storming. Remember all special patterns of candies and, set up the trap whenever it is available to blast the multiple candies.

2.      Start at the bottom

Always start from the bottom. Crushing the candies at bottom can cause the chances of blasting more candies at top and middle. It will help you to clear the game more easily and also save the maximum moves.

3.      Go for combos


If there is match available to blast the candy then you can wait for it depending upon the no of candies. You can wait and make a powerful combo to swipe nearly all candies. Stripped candy, wrapped candy, striped candy and sprinkle donut hole is the most powerful combo, by which you can blast wide range of candies. Doing this will also enable you to reach the difficult places to blast the jellies. Chaining the special candies like striped, wrapped and sprinkle donut holes will definitely help you to get higher score along with clearing difficult levels.

4.      Know your stripes!


Know the striped candy that is going to be born. Like, moving the candy horizontally will cause new born horizontal stripe candy, which will then blast horizontally.

5.      Assess your threats!

Give your full attention of getting rid of useless candies. Like, firstly you can blast the bombs. Secondly, go for elimination of chocolates and thirdly you can blast off the blocks. This will make easier for you to complete the level.

6.      Clear the jellies on the edges

While blasting off the jellies give more priority in blasting the edge jellies because it will cause pain at the end of the level. Corners and buttons are more difficult to explode whereas; you can easily blast in the middle. The reason is that there is less space for the combination to get matched. So it will be wise for you to go after edge placed jellies in first and go for others.

7.      Plot a good plan

While you go to next level don’t rush. Examine the condition of jellies. There may be many stripped candy that can be formed or there can be sprinkle donut candy. By making a plan you can blast the maximum candies with the help of special combination in short amount of time.

8.      Understanding the chocolate!


If you blast the chocolate in previous round, then it will not be reproduced in another round. This will be great help for you. Try to explode the chocolate and it will not be reproduced in later rounds.This will make you easier to blast the all board of candies with this technique. But, in further levels you can find a chocolate maker which can bring it back. It will avoid special candies and fruit but it will be fun as it can absorb heavy bombs.

9.      +5 candy can help you


There are two types of levels in candy crush that are jelly clearing level and time trial level. You can know it before the starting of the game as you can see the icon at the corner, before you click the bottom play. Make chain with +5 in any level available, and it will help you to automatically add five second of your time trial game.

10.  You need extra lives- cheat time


If you play candy crush in your android and apple device rather than Facebook, then you can cheat time for extralives. Before playing the game, go to the setting of your device. Then go to date and time option and increase two hours of time. But, later you have to pay it back; therefore most suitable time to apply this cheating technique is before sleeping or going to office. But don’t get confused in AM and PM though.

11.  Reshuffle your candies without losing any of your lives


In some level before swiping the candies, you can know the level is hard or easy. In such cases, there is a way to reshuffle the candies without losing the life. The technique is not possible without examining the level.If you find it hard with low combination of candies then you can exit the level without making any move. Then after, when you again play the same level again, you can find the candies shuffled. You can do this as many as you like until you get satisfied with the candies. Just remember that you don’t swipe the candies and it does not work in time trial level.

12.  Get infinite live on Facebook


You can also open multiple of web browser with candy crush open. This technique will be very useful to complete hard levels. By applying this technique, you don’t have to stare or wait for your lives to get regenerated. If you lost the lives from playing the difficult level then you can get the 5 lives ready in next tab. But be sure to refresh all the pages if you pass that level. This will help you effectively, especially for hard levels.

13.  Trick for time challenge levels


For this trick, you have to blast +5 candies as many as you want. It is obvious that +5 candies do not appear easily. But, if you see one, or if you make it then blast it immediately. It will not only help you in that level, but it will also provide its aid in time trial levels. Then when you play and make +4 combos or any other, there will be an increase in the time. Try this method in hard levels like 252, and you will find the most terrifying and hard level is actually easier than previous levels. You can also increase infinite score by this technique.

14.  Using stripped candies with plan


If you make stripped candies then don’t rush to blast it. In further levels, it will be hard for you to complete the levels by just blasting of the candies. Be more idealistic, you will get many chances to make mega combination in right places.

15.  Save the fish for last


Don’t blast the fish as soon as you see them. Save it for last as it will help in blasting hard jellies. Doing this will help you to clear the level faster than you have expected.

16.  Complete the game with extra moves left


It will be effective for you to complete the game with some moves left. The left moves will be changed as school of jelly fish or striped candy. It is a safe bet to clear the level by making highest score.

17.  Pink bow


If you got a pink bow then it means you are given 3 more moves by your friend. To apply this in your apple and android device, just complete the level and it will automatically be added. And, if you play it from your web browser, then it automatically shows the icon of pink bow. Just click the icon and you will get three moves activated.

18.  Role of friends gifts


If you get the lives as a gift from your friends then don’t take it immediately. The maximum lives for candy crush is 5 or 6.  So, if you accept it when your life is low then, it will not get wasted and you can get full advantage from it. And for +3 gifts, accept in hard levels only as easy levels can be completed without such moves.

19.  Plan as battle


While playing the game, the most effective way to finish the game is to explode the bombs and then eliminate the chocolates and finally go for locked candies. This will be effective to crush the candies crazily in candy crush.

20.  Dealing with ingredients


While starting the game, if you see the ingredients in left or right side then it will be wise for you to exit the game without any move.  If you don’t apply this method then it will be hard for you to complete the mission. Try to make the ingredients in middle or down rather than left or right side. But be sure that you do not make the move otherwise it will take one of your life in the game.

You have not yet played Candy Crush, you can download it on Google Play, iTunes or play directly on Facebook.


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