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By philips, February 26, 2014 0 Vita

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, an upcoming PS Vita game has recently been given some tidbits info. The new character, Philia, is a mysterious type and gamers will surely be intrigued with this new character. Another update enables gamer to… Read More »

By philips, February 26, 2014 0 Uncategorized

Facebook games will not be all about candies and farms anymore with the release of Dead Trigger 2, first-person shooting game that involves zombies. The developer, Madfinger Games, is very familiar in terms of innovating games, as they had already… Read More »

By philips, February 26, 2014 0 Xbox One

A limited edition of Titanfall bundle is set to be released, and the bundle will contain an Xbox One. For £399.99, a bundle will contain an Xbox One, Kinect, a controller, a headset, Titanfall and a month membership of Xbox… Read More »

By philips, February 26, 2014 0 PS4

Deep Down, an exclusive game for PS4, have received new screenshots and information courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia. The protagonist will have some supporting characters, and the gamer will have absolute track of the companions as well…. Read More »

By philips, February 25, 2014 0 Mobile, PC

Oculus Rift’s VR headset are set to momentarily decline new orders as it runs in to trouble in acquiring needed components. Consumer versions of the headset are still not yet available, what’s on the market is the Oculus Rift development… Read More »

By philips, February 25, 2014 0 PS4

If questions arise regarding the most popular or best-selling games, gamers are the one who gives most of the answer, but how about the game developers themselves especially from Japan. A series of mini interviews were conducted by DengekiOnllineconcerning with… Read More »

By philips, February 25, 2014 0 Mobile

Nighmare Project series of Sunsoft is really turning its gears now with the release of “Way to Travel the World of Oz”. Sunsoft is set to do horrifying versions of fiction works, and Dorothy’s adventure is not safe from it…. Read More »

By philips, February 25, 2014 0 3DS, Mobile, PC, PS4, Uncategorized, Vita

Playdek, the developer of Unsung Story have accumulated $660,126 from its Kickstarter campaign, a little above from its $600,000 goal. Now, they have gone to PayPal to allow donations from fans in order to raise more funds for a better… Read More »

By philips, February 25, 2014 0 PC, PS4, Xbox One

One facet in a wide gaming industry is the difference in resolution and frame rate in the current generation of PS4 and Xbox One games. One game in multiple platforms and one will get multiple performances such as the case… Read More »

By philips, February 24, 2014 0 PS4

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios head, granted a few minutes for the Japanese media after the launch event of the PS4 in Tokyo. Japanese website 4Gamer constructed the questions in which Yoshida answered politely. Mr. Yoshida revealed that… Read More »

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