Company of Heroes 2 Review – One Of The Best RTS Games Of All Time

Okay COH fans, Company of Heroes 2 is out and ready for consumption, and there’s no question how the fandom seems to be clamoring for more. Of course, I first learned about the game when Opposing Fronts, one of the expansions for the first game, came out. The game’s structure and feel simply blew my mind with its graphics, forcing me to view World War 2 in a whole new way. It was a revolutionary step for RTS games as there were few others like it during its time. Due to the undeniable success of the first game, players have had some great expectations for what the sequel may give, but it seems that Relic has gone quite far in pleasing its own fandom with its work.


The game engine is an improved version of what was used to make the original Company of Heroes and is what makes it stand out once again against competing for RTS games of this year. A more polished version of the original, players can relive and enjoy the feel of the first Company of Heroes while enjoying the new features the game has to offer. For instance, you’ll receive better control over the game’s camera and enjoy angles that were either impossible or difficult to do with the original. The game also offers a look into the advantages and disadvantages offered by the weather and how the line of sight of soldiers can affect the performance of soldiers on the field. This has proven to be very pleasing to players who have long been a fan of the first game and even come with improvements like units being more responsive and reacting to situations that are both believable and realistic.

Unsurprising for a Company of Heroes game, Company of Heroes 2 takes place during World War 2 at the height of the grueling war between the Germans and the Russians from 1941 to 1945. The fact that it spans for years is another renovation form the original which only focused on specific battles of the time. It begins with the Russian’s campaign to hold back the Germans and protect Stalingrad at all costs when the latter attempted to invade. Based on actual history, as is the case with the original, the game gives a realistic and breath-taking feel to how the war actually played out in those days. While the game doesn’t fail to deliver, it does, however, have a few setbacks here and there such as its slow, slow pacing that can be quite tedious. Then again though the game nonetheless still delivers with all the force of a nuclear weapon and gets us with all the glories of World War 2.

The war is actually quite spectacular and is surely one of the game’s biggest triumphs. The game has plenty of something for just about everyone, and its contents are one of the top features of this game. You can learn to coordinate with other players in a multiplayer scenario through Co-Op mode, and though some of the objectives can be somewhat difficult, it’s easily worth your trouble. Also of note is the fact that working together with allies is about just as fun or even more so than simply competitive combat. Players can also play in single player and can even be part of challenges which will prove to be a good exercise of one’s tactics. The challenge mode goes quite deep and can prove to be interesting in many ways in much the same way that the campaign is. Players are given a wide assortment of difficulties, but the rewards are certainly worth it as they hold off against enemies using one faction of the game. Some of the challenges being able to hold a given point for at least a few days and every moment will certainly prove to be challenging. The players will be as aggressive as you’d expect and you’ll find that Challenge Mode will certainly be worth exploring.

The game shines out most in online multiplayer as, after all, this is where most of the most famous of RTS have made their namesake. This is a game that involves an AI matchmaking system that can be somewhat difficult at first but can, later on, prove to be every bit as good and enjoyable when you finally learn how to navigate and manage through the system. The game is both fast and smooth and the rewards you can earn for the game will be essentially worth it such as commanders for your troops and what not. The map isn’t really that special, but one can guess that this may be improved in subsequent expansions. Besides, they are all useful and versatile in some way. What truly makes Company of Heroes truly great is its stunning visuals and graphics which we will now discuss for all of you to read and enjoy.


Regarding visuals, the game is a resounding success that can not be understated as very little else can compare to it with its stunning backdrop and jaw-dropping scenes. The game also shows a very realistic feel much like its predecessor, showing how buildings should fall apart when they are destroyed. After all, there’s nothing as stunning as watching a building fall apart according to the way physics would allow it to be.

Then there is also its visual effects that portray the weather the way it should and how that affects overall gameplay. For instance, characters react realistically to bitter cold and lose health as the temperature drops. The graphics are also an outstanding success with its epic terrain and conditions, and with its camera system allows you to view your favorite areas with ease.


The audio is also no pushover, and much like its predecessor, provides a very epic ambiance that will certainly have you asking for more with exceptional clarity and realism. Accompanying the epic sound effects would be its equally epic soundtrack that fits perfectly with the campaign and its scenario. The dialogue in game units possessed has changed little, although one can say that the AI has improved dramatically and it seems that the characters tend to say something appropriate for the situation which can be real funny at times. Whatever the case, the sound of this game definitely marks it as a triumph.


Sega and Relic have really outdone themselves this time with this presentation of Company of Heroes. The variety of units certainly makes it worthwhile while the gameplay keeps players hooked till the very end. Company of Heroes can be difficult due to the requirements, the game and the fun it will bring you is certainly worth every penny you buy for it.

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