Dead Island: Riptide Review – Worst Game Ever

The cinematography of Dead Island Riptide was very convincing at the start. It opened with the setting aboard a military marine craft off Banoi. The game starts to titillate the players and sway them to believe that they’re in for a game of grand plot and intensity. The plot starts out very strong with the outbreak that mercilessly plagued the earlier version of Dead Island. I was edgy and hopeful on my seat that this later version would measure up to my rising adrenaline. All hopes, however, begun to fizz out like a sputtering party-popper when it has blown away its initial pop.

The next scenes then brought the players to the island of Palanai where the game’s steep and steady journey downhill really begins. It was supposed to be a series of exhilarating fights with the villains and anti-heroes. But it turned to be a hellish unending and frustrating “challenges,” which sent the players yawning to the next group of scoundrels. Somehow, you keep on hoping that there’d be another set of plot and twists that would redeem the game as promised in the prologue. That was what glued me there, actually – thinking that something of value would come out.

The absence of a cohesive story or plot was the real problem with this game as it had been with the original title. Your intelligence would be insulted with horde survival and fetch quests game patterns. Next, you’d be second-guessing “Oh, this is the villain,” and the “No, she is.” It is so ho-hum you’d be better off watching old black and white battleship movies. It is scary that there’s hint of a third Dead Island title. Of course, that’s assuming that we haven’t all died of boredom yet. I wonder why they haven’t nailed the coffin yet for the Dead Island franchise. Huh?!

For the faults of the plot and concept, I think that the gameplay has solid footing. Hostile combat movements shift fluidly. There’s ease of movement and unbroken physics of motions. The environs are so good that the players can marvel at the visuals. That’s because they’d have ample time appreciating the background for lack of better and more exciting things to do other than collecting fetch quests and seemingly eternal zombie-slaughtering kerfuffle which doesn’t add any significance to the story’s interconnectedness.

As I said, the visuals are great, as well as the game play. Landscapes were taken from paradise with picturesque and unspoiled view sceneries. The islands ravaged by catastrophes provided a stark contrast which would make you gape with wonder. For what it’s worth, Dead Island Riptide is a beautiful piece of work. If games were designed to look perfect, then Riptide would certainly score high. Oh well, the game engine was powerful, too. But putting 1 and 1 will not make the game great as promised.

Beyond the visuals and the game play, there are the idiotic missions scattered haphazardly along a dimwitted storyline. Yawn!!!! There are so many frustrating details that make me more frustrated if I had to enumerate them here. The GUI is so obtuse! Dialogues just don’t match mouth movements. Ugh!! It’s like watching a Chinese movie, but the dialogue is in English. I can’t say my game wasn’t distracted with that if there was something to distract me from. Then you’d suddenly get flooded with septic villains who came from nowhere.

It’ssoooo boring at one point then it’s illogically deluged with enemies all of a sudden. The combats must be well-thought and logical. It just reinforces my opinion of the lack of a storyline that will bring everything together. Not just erratic appearances of annoying inconsistencies. Should there be a sequel – I truthfully beg that designers totally stop considering one – they’d better make the game more sensible. Gamers are mouse-clickers, but they are not stupid.

The game didn’t come with a working co-op game mode on PC. In the first Dead Island, the co-op multi-player feature made the game enjoyable. You had to download the software if you want to make it work for a group of people who would like to play together. I have no idea why this was omitted as it seemed like a careless lapse for a game that’s being introduced and endorsed as an exciting gaming experience. It just added another dimension of frustration for the players.

In this age when games vie in a very competitive industry, it is unforgivable that these elements were overlooked. Why was the co-op left out? Was there a complete testing of the game in the other factors earlier mentioned, as well?

Finally, let it be said that Dead Island: Riptide is nothing but crap. It doesn’t deserve a gamer’s time because it has not seriously considered the gamer, who is the end-user and market of the product, regarding his expectations, needs, and intelligence. The prologue was nothing but a sales pitch that was not justified in the whole length of the game. Missions were wearying, characters were implausible, and the plot was obviously here-and-there. If you have bought this already, then bless your soul. Be prepared for the ultimate ennui.

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