Deadpool Review – One Of The Best Marvel Games

Licenses can be very troublesome when trying to make a video game out of a popular franchise, but things get even more complicated when comic books become the focus of a game. Now while this does give developers the advantage of having a sizeable history to draw their work from, they nonetheless come under fire from overzealous fanboys and fangirls who seem obsessed with minor details. With the challenged involved in pleasing both the publishers and the fandom, some people even have the audacity to ask why video games from movies aren’t very popular. Hmm, why indeed?

Of course, just like any other event that may seem unlikely, something happens anyway. After getting an understanding of what the fandom actually want from you and budgeting your resources and efforts properly, you might finally get something worthwhile. High Moon Studios has done this before, in fact, their most recent success has to do with the Transformers games that tied in with the popularity of the recent films. And now they bring us Deadpool, a rather iconic and comical character from the very pages of Marvel comics.

For those not in the know, Deadpool is that weird and silly ninja-mercenary character from the comics who seems to constantly break the fourth wall and reference other comic book characters in a rather shameless display of arrogance and general wackiness. And now, we have the fortune to have the game coming to consoles finally, and we’ll definitely be hearing more quips from the character after he debuted in video games in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

And, as it comes as no surprise to fans of the big-mouthed mercenary, the game simply came into being when Deadpool decided that he wanted a video game of his own. Well, there goes the fourth wall. Apparently, after threatening High Moon enough, they were frightened (or amused) enough to give the guy his game.

And then that’s when our adventure really begins as the ever crazy and unpredictable Deadpool. Loyal to the original comics, the game will certainly have your sides hurting for the next few hours that you might be playing it. So while you’re at it, just enjoy your Deadpool experience!

A well thought out plot and dialogue carry the story forward, and while it is indeed the work of Marvel comics, it nonetheless has a nostalgic Looney Toons feel somewhere along the way as Deadpool continually makes a fool of himself and the bad guys in the game. There is also the undeniable performance of veteran voice actor Nolan North who once again takes up the role of Deadpool, and with Steve Blum as Wolverine and Fred Tatasciore as Cable, the fun just goes further up a notch with their insanity together.

However, the game is not without its disadvantages as Deadpool’s weapons of choice can be rather difficult to manage. For instance, he is both a huge fan of guns and swords. This means that Deadpool can switch between melee and range combat, as he often does in the comics, but the game doesn’t really put that much effort into it. Not that this is really bad in any way, it’s just that; it becomes kind of monotonous switching from them regularly instead of just having an overall quick and easy flow of blades and firearms. Also, the camera is yet another setback as it never really angles in a way that can be useful.

But as mentioned, Deadpool does not fail to deliver with its features such as the momentum meter that help make the experience even more exciting and fulfilling. You can also upgrade Deadpool’s already deadly killer instincts through the use of Deadpool points that improve his abilities. There are also challenge maps available if you’re thinking of replayability. Deadpool doesn’t fail to make every rumble and bout a memorable challenge.

Now Deadpool might not be as fun as some people expect, but there is no doubt that it’s gathered its own fair share of a fandom all on its own. After all, who doesn’t love a loud-mouthed mercenary with a ninja motif and an awareness of the fact that he is indeed being observed by people outside of the comics, TV screen or game console?

Now, if you’re a fan of Deadpool, this game is definitely for you as it captures the character in all his iconic glory. If you’re not exactly familiar with the character, I’m still sure that you’ll be able to appreciate the insanity of the character and all the action.

Sure, it might not be the best game out there, but then again, it’s arguable what that can be except for a very few exception. While melee and range combat might not be all that smooth in this game, it is certainly worth the while.

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