Diablo III Review – My Favorite Game Of All Time

The curiosity to the new Diablo III game is persevering obstinately in me. What to expect in the new game, is what I always wanted to know. Being a noob (yes, I am not kidding) I am still hoping that this game could surpass the success of the first two installments. Will this be a hard task to do since the recent console debut?

The 5 classes of characters in this particular game (like that of the previous franchise) are:

Demon Hunter – combination of assassin and Amazon classes in Diablo II.

Witch Doctor – a necromancer that makes potion and spells and turns them into explosives to defeat opponents.

Wizard – Diablo III’s version of sorcerer or sorceress from Diablo II.

Barbarian – very furious character that defeats enemies using incredible prowess.

Diablo – fuelled by spirit, attacks using explosive killing blows and tasked with destroying the Darkness Lord.

What makes Diablo III better from the first two franchises is that the players can choose what gender the character he/she wants to portray. In Diablo II, all the genders of the characters are fixed.

What interests me in this game is the ability of players to trade virtual items in an online auction house. You can trade using real-life money and in-game gold. I find the functionality of the online auction house so controversial for its overall game experience impacts. However, the game makers (Blizzard) announced that the in-game gold and real life money online auction houses would halt in 2014.

The game play is almost the same as those previous Diablo franchise. Diablo III is played using a mouse basically, but other commands are done with the use of the keyboard. Different abilities selection is easy, can be done by just pressing a single button and the movement is performed by the left analog stick.

The interesting part of this game is after a few level ups, the character you chose now have the capability to do a lot of techniques that make the game more fun to play. Choosing the abilities could be done in the pause menu. There is really a huge selection of them, but most are the same as the ones in the previous game franchise so no troubles for those who are experienced in this game. Indeed, creating the abilities for this game is truly amazing, and you can see that Blizzard has really exerted a lot of effort honing their skills when it comes to this matter.

In terms of visual concept, there has been a very minimal change done compared to the previous Diablo game. Aside from the fact that it is highly entertaining visually, the variation makes it more interesting especially as the player levels up. However, everything seems to be just average, nothing is so fantastic about his game in general or is it only me?

Like in Diablo II, this recent Diablo franchise also gives its players the ability to choose to create hardcore characters. However, the player needs to level up the regular character to 10 to be able to make hardcore characters. These hardcore characters though seem cool, won’t be able to be played anymore once they get killed. Now, isn’t that a bit frustrating? Also, they are ranked separately and are not able to access the online auction house. Upon their deaths, yes the character will still be visible in rankings and can chat; but they are not able to return to the game ever!

Difficulty levels of this game vary from Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno. You are required to pass a playthrough to unlock the next difficulty level, with a better chance of increased mob sized and improved loot. However, if you require more challenges, you can always go back to the main menu to set it to your desired options.

In this game, Blizzard has created crafting system to make the players more engaged and interested in the game. The pace of the game does not slow even for a bit. The ones who sell and craft are called the Artisans. The materials players gather are being crafted by Artisans and could generate bonuses. Also, crafting is used for training and improving the skills of the Artisans.

Diablo III is very addicting. As soon as I started playing this game with a co-op partner, we will not stop until we reach the maximum level. Kill, create hardcore characters, craft, and level ups… This game indeed makes us forget about having meals at the right time and deprives us essential sleep. What really matters is, focus on the game to be able to level up and earn gold and progress in the game.

Though Diablo III’s console version was improved and refined, it did not lose any of the capabilities and challenges present in its original PC version which made the game really great. Things keep fresh by a huge amount of difficulty as well as character levels; the interesting stuff never ceases to amaze the players. Indeed, Diablo III is a great deal for experienced and noob players as well!

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