Fuse Review – Quite A Fun Game

Fuse might not be one of the most memorable games out there, but it’s still one of the better multiplayer-oriented games you’re sure to experience this year. While it might not have a very impressive plot and its characters seem to be copied and pasted from your basic comic book or adventure movie, it still manages to be good entertainment for players who are seeking a good “shoot-em-up” challenge that newbies can easily adapt too. Now, it might not really be that great should you ever decide to play the game in solo but it is nonetheless good enough to experience on at least one playthrough.

The game focuses on four often clashing mercenaries whose mission is to secure a dangerous alien substance simply known as Fuse before it falls into the hands of potential terrorists. It seems exciting enough initially, but it later devolves and becomes a bland and typical excuse plot for an action game and lacks the general flair of games like Gears of War with its wealth of original characters and their group dynamics. Thankfully, however, Fuse manages to trump games like Army of Two thanks to its numerous unique weapons and the way they can be used together with the special abilities of characters.

With games like Ratchet and Clank as well as the Resistance series under its belt, Insomniac Games manages to make the four mercenaries of the game rather interesting individuals and are fun to use throughout the game. Unfortunately, however, the characters do not seem all that unique and their interactions leave much to be desired. The story itself is filled with clichés and players can only wonder if the game actually takes itself seriously.

Okay, so beyond its lackluster plot, the game makes up for this with its enjoyable gameplay that focuses on the use of cover and teamwork. Each of the four mercenaries possesses a unique weapon and specialty that can be further enhanced with a skill tree and other available weapons.

I did enjoy the game myself and particularly favored Dalton’s use of his Mag-shield that made him a moving tank that could provide cover for his allies. Fuse’s more interesting features when playing solo includes the exploration of other character’s skill trees and improving each one of the four to suit your needs. Playing solo might not allow players to enjoy the excitement of cooperative combat, it does allow for better exploration of each character’s specialties by using different weapons and skills.

But then again, playing the game on a single player still isn’t as great as playing the game with other players as it lacks the battlefield AI that makes most other games more interesting. While the characters might be able to help you when you’re in trouble with various healing powers, they are nonetheless noted for being suicidal in their efforts to bring down enemies. This is mainly why the game can be best enjoyed in multiplayer mode.

Once you’re able to get another player into the mix, then you’ll probably see the full potential of Fuse as a fun and action-packed game. While it may not be enough to outdo the really dumb plot and characters, your friends use of the characters and their ability to work together might be more than enough to balance things out.

This is best expressed through the extremely difficult Echelon mode which seems to be impossible to win without the use of ally players. This can be garnered from the fact that the AI is unable to deal with the hordes of enemies that will be definitely coming down hard on you and your characters. It is recommended that players use their leveled up characters from the campaign and make use of them through Echelon mode to avoid becoming fodder to the overwhelming numbers of enemies that are sure to pour over your crew.


Now it might not have a great story, its gameplay features and fun cooperative feel give players a chance to fully enjoy the game as a team.

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