Grand Theft Auto V Review – The Best Open World Game

Here comes another franchise of the renowned game Grand Theft Auto V. It does not fail the spectators’ high expectations; it has also set a mark that future generation won’t be able to compete with! It was released last September 17, 2013 by Rockstar North and Rockstar Games as publisher. It is one of the highly awaited games of the decade! Grand Theft Auto V is indeed a huge game!

Grand Theft Auto V is full of action and adventure and can be played from a third person’s point of view. What makes this game fun? The player gets to fight with the use of firearms, weapons, melee attacks, and toss explosives to the enemies. Also, players can swim, run as fast as they could, and even use vehicles to navigate the game’s open world setting. Just like any other games, the main objective of Grand Theft Auto V is to level up and complete missions to be able to advance and achieve progress in the game.

The game owners have made the game a complete improvement, which is rather obvious especially to those who have experienced Grand Theft Auto games. Every level has undergone an overhaul, but not on the negative side though. Much better experience and increased level of fun and excitement are provided especially when it comes to the animations, characters, and the whole game itself.

Playing this game has allowed the players to get connected to the game, compared to the previous franchise where you will feel a bit lost and wandering at certain points. However, there are some minor disturbing scenes in Grand Theft Auto V. Like for instance, the mechanic looking rag doll that they use gives the bodies a more realistic approach especially when the character is hit or shot.

The details are well attended for, makes the game looks very promising. Wherever game’s world takes you, there will never be a moment when you will feel lost. They have done a great job in that game factor! Grand Theft Auto V has a lot of interesting places to be, like cities that are nicely lit, beautifully landscape mountain regions, deserts and even under the sea setting!

Grand Theft Auto V’s three game characters that were interconnected by their individual stories are:

Michael De Santa – he is a retired bank robber who is based in Beverly Hills. He lives with his unfit family in an upper class city. His story has come to an end, and he is trying to adjust. His unique ability is getting time slows down during gun fights.

Trevor Phillips – Michael’s previous partner in crime lives in a trailer in the desert all by himself. A drug addict, displaying mentally unbalanced and fidgety behaviors. He is the supporting character recast as a protagonist. Trevor’s unique skill is that he can get a damage boost while the reducing time is taken.

Franklin Clinton – makes a living as a repo man in a shady Armenian Car Dealership. He used to avoid a life of crime but to no avail, later succumbed and thrust himself into it. Slowing down time when he is driving is Franklin’s unique skill.

Mission types vary in every mission level, but robbery ones are the most prevalent. Your abilities and decision-making capabilities will be required to get the preparation done. The skills would go up if you use the same auxiliary staff, but the cut will stay at the same level. Jobs being done vary, but all of them offer a lot of fun and excitement.

The individual stories of the three characters are fantastically well written and well thought of. It seems like they will let you feel as though you are the one living their lives out that is how engaging they could be. The players’ ability to build the skills in the game has retained, and that is something the fans will be glad about.

Rockstar North’s most obvious improvement to the game will be the shooting mechanic, which does not only allow lock-on but free-aim as well. Players will feel a great relief shooting smoothly!

Grand Theft Auto V’s developers are looking forward to seeing this game as a very successful franchise of their previous projects such as Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption. Shortly after the game’s release, it was given excellent reviews due to its amazing storyline, gameplay, and presentation!

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