GTA 5 Online Multiplayer Tips, Easy Money Tips, Build Rep Fast and More

Do you wish you could play GTA 5 online, but perhaps you do not know how to play this online game? Here is a list of beginner’s tips that you can try to start earning your money and to avoid dying early in the game.

You should take not, however, that these tips grow by the day and you may need to check our website for newer tips. Updating the information on this website has been quite a challenge with problems regarding our server. But anyhow, your feedback and your suggestions are always welcome on our website and will be included in the article.

Facts about Grand Theft Auto 5 Online

Although GTA 5 online can be played by multiple players at the same time, there is a limit to the actual number of players who will be allowed at a specific period of time. In this game, you will be able to play and roam freely just like other single-player games. There are, however, a set type of missions and activities that you can actually engage in which means that you can be placed in a specified area together where you and your teammates could see each other.

While you are wandering the virtual world of this game, you are actually walking bait for the other players so be careful and watch out. You can, however, play alone through the “story mode” of the game and then click “invite only” to limit the other players who can join your game. When you play this game alone, your progress will, however, be limited and so you may end up wishing that you have other players as well. The best possible option would be to find other players and join them on whatever activity, which you are interested in, is being currently played. It is a good way to avoid “griefers” and you will also learn a lot along the way.

There are some rules which are set in place in order to prevent other players from killing other players. But, there will always be people who would be happy breaking these rules. When you are in the free mode, make sure to keep a watchful eye especially for snipers who can eventually kill you again after you have just been killed. You may also find some bombs on cars so never trust any available vehicle that you see on your way. You may also want to check the way that they are positioned to get a clue whether they are booby-trapped or not. Trust your instincts.

If you want to really enjoy playing this game, you have to find friends who will agree to play with you. You can be the one to ask first, and you will soon find out just how much better the game is when you don’t have to worry about getting killed all of the time.

What is the next step after you enter GTA 5 Online?

Look out for the white dots

These white dots are actually players who use the same server as you. If you spot one which is moving quite fast heading towards you, then you should arm yourself. They could, however, also just be fleeing from cops or they may be out to kill you as well. So, the best solution is to find a good place to hide and then aim your gun until you understand what the whole situation really is. Take note that a lot of the available business establishments and stores are PvP-free and they are the safest place to go if you want to stay alive. You can use them to hide and protect yourself.

Look for Frenemies and Friends

GTA 5 Online is best played with other players so you can either invite other players to your game or be invited. If you can feel that your current group sucks at the game, then you can simply exit and play solo activities. But if you think that you are actually enjoying their company, then you can continue through the post-job voting menu.

When you play by a group, you actually earn 20% more than if you play alone. Aside from this, the game is definitely worth replaying especially if you want to get it perfect the next time around. You also get a Rep Bonus if you happen to get it right.

If you are really aggressive in this game, you will end up killing a lot of teammates and they, in turn, will treat you negatively next time, and they may even do it for money. If you also have an attitude, like pissing other people while playing and yelling at them, you will also become an easy target for them. This can be fun if you are into excitement, but if you want to cut out the time of always being on guard, then you probably have to act a lot better.

The first car that you see is not always the best one. What you should be looking for is one that will let you live after you ride it. Remember that the first car that you take will be the one that you will always be using until you have the money to buy your next car.

What happens after?

First Job: Steal a Car

After stepping into Los Santos, you will have to steal a car first. Check out the streets for something that you like and which will be of good use for you. Not like when you play this game solo, you will not be able to get a premium car at the outset. What you need to do therefore is to look for one which will be ok for your mission and which will function effectively. Once you earn more money, you can go to the Los Santos Customs Shop then buy a Tracker at the Loss/Theft Prevention station. It is quite expensive $2,000, but it will keep your car from being stolen. Aside from that, you also need to buy insurance which will be of great advantage in the future. It will help you when some ass steals your car and stashes it somewhere hard to find.

Next Job: Find a Good Gun

In the online version, Los Santos is definitely not a good place and not somewhere that you can walk around without anything to protect you. So, the next thing to do is to find a good gun wherewith you can protect yourself or at least use during an offense.

Let’s say that you have earned a sufficient amount of money to get you the best gun available. So the thing is to buy something that you will be comfortable with, and you can efficiently use. Which makes it quite easy to do especially if you are playing in solo mode.

Third Job: the Garage

Although this is quite expensive, it is the second most important item that you should have. This is where you will be parking your cars, and it will also keep them safe.

What to Do

Establish a Good Reputation

You can help build trust from other players through different methods. You can drive smoothly and legally so you can get a good rep from the cops. Don’t try to hit three stars unless you can handle the stress.

Performing tasks and helping other players will also help you get a good rep, and it may even help you earn a Bonus and Rep cash. So, even if you are playing one of the most violent games online, it is through being a “good” player that you will eventually win the game. Try to avoid shooting aimlessly and recklessly just to show off your skills. It may look good to other people, but eventually, you may end up killing another player. There are some players who can lose their temper because of their immaturity but always try to avoid those types of players.

Steal cars: Money with Low Risk

If you prefer to play alone, the best way to start is to steal cars. Walk around the area and try spotting some cars which will be worth some money. After jacking the car, you can go to the Los Santos Customs shop. Be careful while you drive on the way as you want it to raise a lot of money – don’t try to scratch it. You can sell them from $3,000-$8,000 depending on current rate. This can be a good source of income especially if you are good at driving.

Although you should look for “nice” cars, don’t go overboard by stealing really expensive cars like sports cars. You can just go for the standard sedan or a Coupe in order to earn money.

You should also take note that there is a one-car limit per day, which is about 45 minutes in the game. Check your clock, and you can keep a steady stream of income especially if you can do it with another low-risk activity.

The other way to earn money in the game is by checking out Simeon. You will be getting regular text messages from him, and he will be looking for particular cars. If you can give him the car, there is a large chance for you to earn some good money. You should be careful though when dropping off the car – it doesn’t matter how fast you got the car there as long as it is still intact and in its best condition.

In case you decide to rob a store, make sure to cover your face with a face mask. This is, of course, to avoid having your identity exposed.

Robbery – Money at Greater Risks

Robbing stores is another way to earn your money, but this will definitely entail greater risk. Take note that before you do this, you have to buy yourself a facemask. It is extremely important if you do not want to get known.

After you have bought your mask, you can then start robbing as many stores as you like in order to gain some money. You can try yelling through your microphone in order to frighten a grocer and to get the money much faster. Always aim your gun at the grocer and focus on him or her. There are chances that they will shoot back once they get the chance. After getting out of the store, drive at full speed as cops will definitely be on the way. There are, however, steps on how you can avoid them if you are in a single player mode. But if you wish to do it much easier, you can always steal a helicopter for a quicker getaway. You can find them at the airport or on the rooftop of a hospital.

Stealing a Helicopter

Another way to earn easy money is by stealing a helicopter and then using it to get out of the situation. So how do you steal it?

First, find a car and then go to the airport and round the area until you arrive at the fence beside the flight school. You can then either drive through it or jump over it using the steps nearby. After you have passed through the fence, just go to the chopper that you prefer and fly.

This is where it really gets exciting. Go to the area that you wish to rob and then find a landing spot nearby. Look for one which is not easily seen from the establishment that you wish to rob. You may become an easy target for the shopkeeper if you fail to do so. Rob the business and fly out with your helicopter.

Store your Cash in a Bank

Although it may feel good walking around with a thick wad of money with you, it is not always the best way to do it. Another player may beat you up and then take the cash, and things may not end up well with your hard-earned money.

So, how do you prevent it from being stolen? Don’t walk around carrying all of your money. But instead, after you have taken it, use your phone and make an electronic deposit. You can use an ATM to do this, but the best way still is through your phone.

Having some money placed on your head is definitely a very difficult situation when playing GTA 5 Online. You will be able to endure this quite easily if you are really good in this game, but you may also just end up hiding and playing in the background.

What to Do with the Red Dots

If you think that you have perfectly honed your fighting and shooting skills, you can also opt just to be a bounty hunter. Just walk around and then look for red dots to appear on your map. These dots represent people who have some bounty placed on their heads. Look for them from a safe distance and then charge at them full speed. If you are good at fighting, then you can rest assured that you will win a confrontation.

Do this, however, with sufficient care as most of these dots are usually skilled at killing as well. It is this element of risk and surprise which adds to the enjoyment of the game. If you really want to enhance your GTA, this is perhaps the best way to do it. It will definitely get your adrenaline pumping as you prepare for the confrontation. You must, however, avoid getting too carried away and remember that it is just a virtual game – don’t take it too seriously or you may end up planning to hurt someone who beats you up in the game. Just try to learn your moves and if you lose, then try again better next time. If you don’t, you may be farmed, and this will not be a good way to experience GTA.

Extra Tips

Retrieve your car from a distance

If you happen to be far from your car, you can retrieve it using your phone and your car will be there in an instant. This is the easiest way to get to your car.

Making Money

The best way to earn money is through the Violent Duct Job. You will earn $9,000 per job and you will definitely enjoy.

When to Leave

Just select Start, click GTA 5 Online and then press the “leave” button. This will save your current game, and if you choose to just exit, you may end up losing your current game.