Dragon’s Crown Review

Dragon's Crown Review
8.0 Overall Score

Dragon’s Crown Review

It’s been some time since the world was taken by huge RPG games that helped shaped the gamer’s generation as we know it today. Some of the more familiar titles include that of Hack and Slash games like Diablo and Dungeons & Dragons and a few others although the popularity of Dragon’s Crown by Vanillaware is taking fans by storm as it possesses quite a number of similarities with other genres of games and is now available exclusively through Playstation.

Like almost every other RPG out there, you get a choice of a good number of classes and, in this game, you get to choose between six character classes with each his or her own specialties, strengths and weaknesses. Among these characters are the Amazon and Knight who are very competent melee fighters and are highly recommended for beginners, elf and dwarf for those who have already had some experience from the game and particularly sorceress and wizard who can call themselves “experts” in the game proper. However, if you like all the characters, which is likely, you can always adjust the difficulty to enjoy the game no matter what class you choose to play as.

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Like most other RPGs, once you’ve selected a character, you can choose whatever color palette you prefer for your character to make them a little more unique than those shown in trailers and away you go on your adventure to Hydeland, the game’s world. Button mashing and mayhem as you go on to beat some sense into baddies in the land.

Hydeland is possibly one of the most gorgeous places rendered into a game and is no doubt thanks to the proficient artists at Vanillaware who are quite popular and have given to life the background of other games like Odin Sphere and Grim Grimoire. Anyway, the game world has many different maps for players to enjoy as well as a town hub where they choose to do business and get a number of things. In this town, you can recruit more people to join your party in your quest to claim the titular Dragon’s Crown, bury bones of the dead you find, a Church that allows you to resurrect fallen comrades and pray for benefits. You also have generic shops where you can choose to sell and buy goods on your travels, magic shops that’ll make your character all the more powerful and an Adventurer’s Guild where you can choose sidequests to further strengthen your character as well as assign skill points that will further boost your character’s abilities.

While for some players, the game may become bland as it may seem to lack a good number of maps, but rest assured that each map is given considerable detail and each one has multiple paths to explore as well as a pair bosses that player can fully enjoy in combat. Now, the scenery may actually become repetitive after a while, but you are assured that you will experience adventure like no other and you need not look further to fully enjoy both the scenery and challenges of Dragon’s Crown.

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Combat is both easy to master and even quite addictive as you get to button-mash your way through the game, all the while crushing just about all the enemies you encounter along the way. While gameplay for each character is quite different, nearly all of them are enjoyable enough for a good and lasting experience. For those who actually enjoy a good and exciting action game, Dragon’s Crown is surely for you as you’ll get to experience some hack and slash, slam bang action with the many characters of the game.

As you go along, you actually get to unlock and make use of more and more treasures and items. Truly a game to enjoy as there are countless kinds of loot to discover. In fact, the game has even been openly compared to big hits like Borderlands where you find loot just about anywhere and everywhere.

The game has been also widely praised for its art and ambience with many exciting animations. Although there have been those who state that it is possibly its in-game art that truly wins it points and that were anything else left the way it is, perhaps things might have been a tad bit different. With its forests and terrains, it seems almost as if the game itself calls to players to fully enjoy the world of Hydeland for themselves.

However, perhaps one of its more off-putting aspects would of course be its gameplay as players are often forced to wait long periods before the game can hook up with various other players online. What’s worse is that time even slows down during gameplay for some reason and playing along with other characters through Wifi can be both challenging and complicated to do.

Nonetheless, Dragon’s Crown is proving to be one of the more popular games of the year, thanks in part to its memorable artwork and gameplay.

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