Killer Is Dead Review

Killer Is Dead Review
7.0 Overall Score

Killer Is Dead Review

Killer is Dead was published by Kadokawa Games, and intended for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. It is said to be a collaboration of Killer 7′s deep story line and No More Heroes’ high speed action gameplay. This game’s story line follows the life of Mondo Zappa, a troubled man who has a very complicated childhood memories. Once he gets provoked by his opponents, he eliminates them one by one mercilessly.

The story although exciting, seems to be a bit vague. Filled with violence like any other games of this genre, what makes this different is, the main characters atrocious sexism. You get to play Mondo Zappa, a man with bionic arm and a paid assassin. Once you dig deeper into his past, especially his childhood memories; the more complicated and violent Mondo becomes. The obviously incorrect English translation proven its point as the game progresses. However, it seems to be a bit funny though.

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In Killer is Dead, almost all of the women are dressed in sexy clothing; some women are there and pose as prizes. As soon as you get to know who the real Mondo Zappa is, more questions pop up of your mind as to what kind of world he is living in. As the first few missions finishes, you will reckon that what Mondo Zappa sees in these women, you see as well. The questions that will keep running through your mind is, do these overly lustful women were put in the game to tease the men’s imaginations or merely representing Mondo Zappa’s view of the world?

This could pose to be offensive to some conservative type of players. But at some point in the game, you will realize that they are put there for a purpose. Moreover, Mondo Zappa’s character was made darker and deeper more than you think he could be. His character is not something that you will b fond of, well Mondo Zappa does not want the players fascinated to him. He may look and he may act like a really cool guy but the way he was brought up, dark and complex, make him more interesting and exciting. What he wants is for people to understand him, what he has gone through as a child, his memories and past recollections are what he wants players to sink into themselves.

This game has a fantastic setting and visually appealing scenes. Nice combination of colours, and perfect illumination stun players even right at the very start of the game. Every level provides something new and exciting scene and setting to look forward to. It indeed has the power to make the gamer feel so excited and there is never a dull moment in Killer is Dead! This game’s visual techniques really offer a great treat to the players’ eyes, a wonderful characteristic of a fun game!

The menu system of this game is flawless, innovative, that you will never feel out of place at all. The combats with the opponents seem to be a really refreshing sight; the presentation is unbelievably pleasing to the eyes. The solidity of animation is quite visible, that makes you feel like the game is all of a visual trick.

The combat in this game is breath taking. If you want to be treated with a more fun way to kill, then you will have to build up combos. More attacking options in the game are offered but it will frustrate you if you are hoping for a complexity. Dodging huge enemies, countering to try to buy some valuable time and snipers’ shooting could get you at the edge of your seat. The let down is when you run into huge halls to search for opponents but only to find out that there is none.

Just like any other game, every level improves and adds something that you have not seen in the previous levels. This could make you look forward to what is in store for you in the next mission level, thinking about the new opponents, revivals, treats and even the visual effects. A boss fight always end the game, this could prove to be almost the same as the previous Boss’ fights but could be more fun too!

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The most fun part for me in this game is when Mondo Zappa runs out of life. I get to chose if i will be revived by his sidekick Mika, who has the ability to put Mondo back in the battle or in a check point placed where it can be easily seen, restart for it. The other downside of the game is the camera. Since it is controlled manually, it gets it a bit hard as you’ll need to continuously move it when fighting. Quite a annoying as it impedes finishing through a combo you want to achieve.

There are also mini games aside from the main mission levels. In this mini games and activities, you will get a glimpse of women’s cleavage, not really for the conservative types of players. To be able to build up a meter, you are required to give the woman a present and take her to bed. This seems quite odd; however you really need to go through all of these mini games to unlock the weapons Killer is Dead offers. This part of the game could be a great turn off for the other gamers.

One thing i noticed about this game is the bug hunt game, wherein you will need to hunt all of the bugs down and destroy them as soon as you can. An aim mode will assist you in finding the hiding place of these bugs. But no leader boards to keep records of your trials to compare them to other players though. That is just one of the parts of the game which is half baked.

All in all, this is not that bad at all. One thing players will remember the most in this game is the visual effects that are very pleasing to the eyes. The remarkable characters (except the lustful women at least for me) are something that people will remember for a long time.

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