Top 10 Budget Gaming Laptops in 2017 – Play Latest Games with These Laptops

Do you want to play the latest games at medium or high settings (no over-the-top quality though)? Well, you may as well be looking for one of these cheap gaming laptops that will help you run all of the new games from 2017 onward. Though, you may need to know that you won’t be able to perform at Ultra Quality if that’s what you’re expecting. But you will for sure run some of them at Very High setting; you’ll just need at least $800 in your budget to buy one of these.

However, if you don’t have enough money in your bank account, there’s another solution for you. It’s to check out these best gaming laptops under $500 from GamingGuideTips. These under $500 gaming laptops are meant for those on a budget. Do not buy these if you have extra money to invest in a better gaming laptop!

1st: Acer Aspire E15 Gaming Laptop

When it comes to gaming laptops, Acer has come a long way to offer the best performance and quality this 2017. And one of these top devices offers a great performance and quality is the Acer Aspire E15. It comes with a Core i5-7200U and a 2GB GPU GeForce 940MX plus 8GB of ram and 250GB of SDD. It offers 12 hours of constant gaming – just wonderful!

2nd: Acer Aspire VX 15 Laptop

If you are looking for a cheap laptop that will offer top-notch performance that comes with the newest hardware in the market like a 7th generation Core i7 and a 4GB NVidia GTX 1050Ti, the Acer Aspire VX 15 is the laptop you need. It comes with 16GB ram and 250GB SSD.

3rd: ASUS ROG Strix GL553VD

This seemingly big gaming laptop ROG GL553VD from ASUS offers a 15.6-inches FULL HD display, an Intel Core i7 at 2.8Ghz and a NVidia GTX 1050 of 4GB plus 16 GB of RAM that makes it a powerful laptop even though it has many big brothers on the same line from ASUS. This is the one that will still make many gamers happy.

4th: Dell Inspiron i7559 Laptop

Dell Inspiron i7559 offers great comfortability and design alongside strong hardware like a GTX 960M, 8GB of RAM and the fastest 256GB SSD that makes it one of the best of its kind.

5th: MSI GL62 Gaming Laptop

MSI is not mostly known for its complete built gaming laptops, however, it has come a long way to offer a high-quality laptop with the MSI GL62. It offers a GeForce GT 960M with 2GB and 8GB of RAM plus the best Core i7 Processor alongside a 1TB HDD at 7200RPM. You won’t be gaming at top speed, but will still be able to run all latest games in the market smoothly.

6th: ASUS K501UW Gaming Laptop

If you want a powerful laptop with a cheap price you can afford, the ASUS K501UW is exactly what you’re looking for. A Core i7 alongside a GTX 960M of 2GB, 8GB RAM, and 520 SDD, this laptop offers high-speed gaming with up to 60fps in latest games.

7th: Dell Inspiron i7559 4K Cheap Laptop

For just $850, you will be able to enjoy from a Core i7 6700HQ processor, a GTX 960M and the best HD 15-inches display that Dell offers with this Dell Inspiron i7559 4K that not many people know of. Enjoy a great gaming experience with this amazing laptop.

8th: MSI GL62M Budget Gaming Laptop

If you are looking for medium size laptops alongside powerful hardware, the GL62M from MSI is exactly what you need. Boasting an i7 Processor at 2.8ghz and 16 GB RAM plus a 1TB HDD, this laptop is great for any game. Especially it comes with a 2GB GTX 1060 for just $1000 alongside a 15-inches display for gaming.

9th: ASUS ROG GL752 17-inch Laptop

This budget laptop comes with an i7 6700HQ processor and GTX 960M 2GB GPU alongside 16GB RAM and a 1TB HDD. If you are looking for performance and reliability, the ASUS ROG GL752 is exactly what you need.

10th: ASUS ZX53VW Gaming Laptop

If your budget is only $800, you don’t have to worry at all. The ASUS ZX53 is perfect for its Core i5-6300HQ at 3Ghz and a powerful 4GB GTX 960M with 8GB RAM and a 512GB SSD. All of these for only $800. Just perfect for such a cheap gaming laptop.

As you see above, there are many opportunities for those gamers who are short on their budget to buy a great laptop. Choose one of these options, and you will know that you don’t need to have a 2k budget to be able to enjoy the latest video games on the market.

Have Over $1000 Budget?

Buying a gaming laptop under a thousand dollars will always be a better option than those that cost less than $1000. Here’s a list of gaming laptops under $1000 for you to have a look.

Kingdom Hearts III D23 Trailer: Coming In 2018

Square Enix and Disney unveiled a new trailer at D23 Expo in Anaheim during the “Level Up! The Walt Disney Company’s Video Game Showcase” for Kingdom Hearts III.

The long awaited upcoming JRPG Kingdom Hearts III will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One in 2018, the new trailer has revealed. You can watch the new trailer below.

The Last of Us Review – The Best Survival Game

Life sucks in The Last of Us. For more than two decades, civilization has devolved to the point that you have a hard time differentiating people from the monsters that prey on you. It’s a mad world, but for a young woman like Ellie, there might still be hope.

And in a world plagued by horror and suffering, a woman like Ellie is possibly the only hope humanity has against dangers from both zombies and itself.

A grim and terrifying survival game, The Last of Us nonetheless provides us with great gameplay and story. It’s a chilling and cynical ride through post-apocalyptic America, but players are nonetheless presented with a more optimistic look with both Ellie and Joel traveling through a devastated landscape.

The dark ride begins with the spread of the pandemic in the 70s and how it destroys the world around a father and daughter, Joel and Ellie. We are soon introduced to Joel, who is seeking to protect his daughter from a world gone mad through a bizarre fungus that transforms people into zombies as well as the bandits and cannibals who have followed in its wake.

As father and daughter travel through the devastated and dying remains of the United States, we also get a better idea of the nature of the two survivors and what it takes to be the ultimate survivor in such a world. For instance, Joel seems to epitomize the survivalist brutality required to survive and even thrive in such a mad world while Ellie remains to be a hopeful soul who opens up the possibility for not just surviving, but eventually saving civilization.

While the action is quite exciting, remember that this is a survival game and that the resources you possess are largely limited. For instance, take note that Joel’s gun has scarce ammunition, so accuracy is always a must. Remember that unless you’re sure you can hit the target, it’s best not to shoot as you’ll be wasting valuable ammunition that you’ll probably have to use later on.

For all zombie fans out there, remember that this game is not some FPS and if you go about guns blazing, you are likely to die in very interesting ways later when you run out of ammo. This game is about making the decision to shoot or not to shoot. Stealth and subterfuge in this game are far more important than firepower.

While the game is far from being unwinnable, take note that the game will always have plenty of challenges for players to face. A stealthy approach is always preferable. A truly challenging game as The Last of Us often forces players to act beyond the norms in order to survive and prevail.

Stealth is also given emphasis in this game, but it should be noted that the AI is probably not the sharpest available as you can often kill enemies in front of their fellows with little consequence. Take note also that hearing and silence are much more important in this game than getting seen as enemies can often spot players through their noise and don’t need to be seen to be detected.

The game’s combat isn’t really all that unique or exciting, but it does force players to prioritize survival skills over actual fighting. Another important part of gameplay and possibly a frustrating aspect (or delightful, depending on who you’re talking to) of The Last of Us is that it presents Joel as perfectly human. That means his aim in the game is far from perfect and will go down like any other Joe when he’s ganged up on by enemies. Of course, it’s arguable that this is the entire point of the game and that Joel could easily be a stand in for any survivor of a given disaster with both his frailty and limitations intact.

The game also features a multiplayer mode, and it easily reflects the grim aspect of the game’s premise. No one can or should be trusted as enemies often take the form of opportunistic and brutal uninfected as well as the more traditional zombies. After all, humanity seems to be down to its last legs and whatever resources remain are in a deplorably short supply. Unlike most zombie games where players often take the form of heroes and elite zombies, The Last of Us only presents us with both humans vs. humans squabbling over the remaining resources of the city.


The Last of Us has proven to be one of the best survival games of the decade thanks to its gripping plot and gameplay. Sure, it might have a few setbacks here and there, it is nonetheless one of the most challenging survival games thanks to the limited resources players are allotted and the possibility of being overwhelmed. The game also presents us with two very likable and realistic characters in this apocalyptic game. It proves to be one of the best entries in the survival genre of the PS3 and PS4 so far.

Grand Theft Auto V Review – The Best Open World Game

Here comes another franchise of the renowned game Grand Theft Auto V. It does not fail the spectators’ high expectations; it has also set a mark that future generation won’t be able to compete with! It was released last September 17, 2013 by Rockstar North and Rockstar Games as publisher. It is one of the highly awaited games of the decade! Grand Theft Auto V is indeed a huge game!

Grand Theft Auto V is full of action and adventure and can be played from a third person’s point of view. What makes this game fun? The player gets to fight with the use of firearms, weapons, melee attacks, and toss explosives to the enemies. Also, players can swim, run as fast as they could, and even use vehicles to navigate the game’s open world setting. Just like any other games, the main objective of Grand Theft Auto V is to level up and complete missions to be able to advance and achieve progress in the game.

The game owners have made the game a complete improvement, which is rather obvious especially to those who have experienced Grand Theft Auto games. Every level has undergone an overhaul, but not on the negative side though. Much better experience and increased level of fun and excitement are provided especially when it comes to the animations, characters, and the whole game itself.

Playing this game has allowed the players to get connected to the game, compared to the previous franchise where you will feel a bit lost and wandering at certain points. However, there are some minor disturbing scenes in Grand Theft Auto V. Like for instance, the mechanic looking rag doll that they use gives the bodies a more realistic approach especially when the character is hit or shot.

The details are well attended for, makes the game looks very promising. Wherever game’s world takes you, there will never be a moment when you will feel lost. They have done a great job in that game factor! Grand Theft Auto V has a lot of interesting places to be, like cities that are nicely lit, beautifully landscape mountain regions, deserts and even under the sea setting!

Grand Theft Auto V’s three game characters that were interconnected by their individual stories are:

Michael De Santa – he is a retired bank robber who is based in Beverly Hills. He lives with his unfit family in an upper class city. His story has come to an end, and he is trying to adjust. His unique ability is getting time slows down during gun fights.

Trevor Phillips – Michael’s previous partner in crime lives in a trailer in the desert all by himself. A drug addict, displaying mentally unbalanced and fidgety behaviors. He is the supporting character recast as a protagonist. Trevor’s unique skill is that he can get a damage boost while the reducing time is taken.

Franklin Clinton – makes a living as a repo man in a shady Armenian Car Dealership. He used to avoid a life of crime but to no avail, later succumbed and thrust himself into it. Slowing down time when he is driving is Franklin’s unique skill.

Mission types vary in every mission level, but robbery ones are the most prevalent. Your abilities and decision-making capabilities will be required to get the preparation done. The skills would go up if you use the same auxiliary staff, but the cut will stay at the same level. Jobs being done vary, but all of them offer a lot of fun and excitement.

The individual stories of the three characters are fantastically well written and well thought of. It seems like they will let you feel as though you are the one living their lives out that is how engaging they could be. The players’ ability to build the skills in the game has retained, and that is something the fans will be glad about.

Rockstar North’s most obvious improvement to the game will be the shooting mechanic, which does not only allow lock-on but free-aim as well. Players will feel a great relief shooting smoothly!

Grand Theft Auto V’s developers are looking forward to seeing this game as a very successful franchise of their previous projects such as Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption. Shortly after the game’s release, it was given excellent reviews due to its amazing storyline, gameplay, and presentation!

Fuse Review – Quite A Fun Game

Fuse might not be one of the most memorable games out there, but it’s still one of the better multiplayer-oriented games you’re sure to experience this year. While it might not have a very impressive plot and its characters seem to be copied and pasted from your basic comic book or adventure movie, it still manages to be good entertainment for players who are seeking a good “shoot-em-up” challenge that newbies can easily adapt too. Now, it might not really be that great should you ever decide to play the game in solo but it is nonetheless good enough to experience on at least one playthrough.

The game focuses on four often clashing mercenaries whose mission is to secure a dangerous alien substance simply known as Fuse before it falls into the hands of potential terrorists. It seems exciting enough initially, but it later devolves and becomes a bland and typical excuse plot for an action game and lacks the general flair of games like Gears of War with its wealth of original characters and their group dynamics. Thankfully, however, Fuse manages to trump games like Army of Two thanks to its numerous unique weapons and the way they can be used together with the special abilities of characters.

With games like Ratchet and Clank as well as the Resistance series under its belt, Insomniac Games manages to make the four mercenaries of the game rather interesting individuals and are fun to use throughout the game. Unfortunately, however, the characters do not seem all that unique and their interactions leave much to be desired. The story itself is filled with clichés and players can only wonder if the game actually takes itself seriously.

Okay, so beyond its lackluster plot, the game makes up for this with its enjoyable gameplay that focuses on the use of cover and teamwork. Each of the four mercenaries possesses a unique weapon and specialty that can be further enhanced with a skill tree and other available weapons.

I did enjoy the game myself and particularly favored Dalton’s use of his Mag-shield that made him a moving tank that could provide cover for his allies. Fuse’s more interesting features when playing solo includes the exploration of other character’s skill trees and improving each one of the four to suit your needs. Playing solo might not allow players to enjoy the excitement of cooperative combat, it does allow for better exploration of each character’s specialties by using different weapons and skills.

But then again, playing the game on a single player still isn’t as great as playing the game with other players as it lacks the battlefield AI that makes most other games more interesting. While the characters might be able to help you when you’re in trouble with various healing powers, they are nonetheless noted for being suicidal in their efforts to bring down enemies. This is mainly why the game can be best enjoyed in multiplayer mode.

Once you’re able to get another player into the mix, then you’ll probably see the full potential of Fuse as a fun and action-packed game. While it may not be enough to outdo the really dumb plot and characters, your friends use of the characters and their ability to work together might be more than enough to balance things out.

This is best expressed through the extremely difficult Echelon mode which seems to be impossible to win without the use of ally players. This can be garnered from the fact that the AI is unable to deal with the hordes of enemies that will be definitely coming down hard on you and your characters. It is recommended that players use their leveled up characters from the campaign and make use of them through Echelon mode to avoid becoming fodder to the overwhelming numbers of enemies that are sure to pour over your crew.


Now it might not have a great story, its gameplay features and fun cooperative feel give players a chance to fully enjoy the game as a team.

Diablo III Review – My Favorite Game Of All Time

The curiosity to the new Diablo III game is persevering obstinately in me. What to expect in the new game, is what I always wanted to know. Being a noob (yes, I am not kidding) I am still hoping that this game could surpass the success of the first two installments. Will this be a hard task to do since the recent console debut?

The 5 classes of characters in this particular game (like that of the previous franchise) are:

Demon Hunter – combination of assassin and Amazon classes in Diablo II.

Witch Doctor – a necromancer that makes potion and spells and turns them into explosives to defeat opponents.

Wizard – Diablo III’s version of sorcerer or sorceress from Diablo II.

Barbarian – very furious character that defeats enemies using incredible prowess.

Diablo – fuelled by spirit, attacks using explosive killing blows and tasked with destroying the Darkness Lord.

What makes Diablo III better from the first two franchises is that the players can choose what gender the character he/she wants to portray. In Diablo II, all the genders of the characters are fixed.

What interests me in this game is the ability of players to trade virtual items in an online auction house. You can trade using real-life money and in-game gold. I find the functionality of the online auction house so controversial for its overall game experience impacts. However, the game makers (Blizzard) announced that the in-game gold and real life money online auction houses would halt in 2014.

The game play is almost the same as those previous Diablo franchise. Diablo III is played using a mouse basically, but other commands are done with the use of the keyboard. Different abilities selection is easy, can be done by just pressing a single button and the movement is performed by the left analog stick.

The interesting part of this game is after a few level ups, the character you chose now have the capability to do a lot of techniques that make the game more fun to play. Choosing the abilities could be done in the pause menu. There is really a huge selection of them, but most are the same as the ones in the previous game franchise so no troubles for those who are experienced in this game. Indeed, creating the abilities for this game is truly amazing, and you can see that Blizzard has really exerted a lot of effort honing their skills when it comes to this matter.

In terms of visual concept, there has been a very minimal change done compared to the previous Diablo game. Aside from the fact that it is highly entertaining visually, the variation makes it more interesting especially as the player levels up. However, everything seems to be just average, nothing is so fantastic about his game in general or is it only me?

Like in Diablo II, this recent Diablo franchise also gives its players the ability to choose to create hardcore characters. However, the player needs to level up the regular character to 10 to be able to make hardcore characters. These hardcore characters though seem cool, won’t be able to be played anymore once they get killed. Now, isn’t that a bit frustrating? Also, they are ranked separately and are not able to access the online auction house. Upon their deaths, yes the character will still be visible in rankings and can chat; but they are not able to return to the game ever!

Difficulty levels of this game vary from Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno. You are required to pass a playthrough to unlock the next difficulty level, with a better chance of increased mob sized and improved loot. However, if you require more challenges, you can always go back to the main menu to set it to your desired options.

In this game, Blizzard has created crafting system to make the players more engaged and interested in the game. The pace of the game does not slow even for a bit. The ones who sell and craft are called the Artisans. The materials players gather are being crafted by Artisans and could generate bonuses. Also, crafting is used for training and improving the skills of the Artisans.

Diablo III is very addicting. As soon as I started playing this game with a co-op partner, we will not stop until we reach the maximum level. Kill, create hardcore characters, craft, and level ups… This game indeed makes us forget about having meals at the right time and deprives us essential sleep. What really matters is, focus on the game to be able to level up and earn gold and progress in the game.

Though Diablo III’s console version was improved and refined, it did not lose any of the capabilities and challenges present in its original PC version which made the game really great. Things keep fresh by a huge amount of difficulty as well as character levels; the interesting stuff never ceases to amaze the players. Indeed, Diablo III is a great deal for experienced and noob players as well!